Rich Cronin, Ex-LFO Frontman, Slams Former Manager Lou Pearlman

'He's really a creepy guy,' Cronin says of imprisoned ex-manager.

Former [artist id="509141"]LFO[/artist] frontman Rich Cronin opened up about his onetime manager, [article id="1587827"]Lou Pearlman[/article], who helped make the trio famous in the late '90s thanks to their hit "Summer Girls," but Cronin admits that the fame came with a price.

"He wanted to [seduce] everyone. He wanted to [seduce] everyone there ... he's disgusting," Cronin told Howard Stern on his radio show on Wednesday (January 21), when he stopped by to promote his new album, Billion Dollar Sound. "He needed you to sing a little bit, but really he just wanted you to be good-looking."

He also revealed that despite the band selling "4 or 5 million records," he never really saw much in terms of money. "I should've made, like, at least 2 or 3 million dollars," adding that his former manager even sold the publishing rights to the songs he wrote from underneath him.

"I've had to go to therapy ... he's really a creepy guy," Cronin said after describing Pearlman's "wonderland for guys" mansion, which was full of Star Wars memorabilia. He added that Pearlman's attention was invasive to say the least.

"He goes, 'You could be a star ... take off your shirt.' Then he's like, 'Turn around,' " Cronin recalled. "He's massaging my shoulders and he's like, 'You wanna watch "Top Gun"?' "

Cronin also revealed that some guys allowed Pearlman to use his power to take advantage of them, because it would mean they would have better career opportunities. "Eventually he did [try and touch me sexually] ... some other dudes went for it. And if you did, he took care of you. He'd buy 'em cars." Rich jokingly added that one of the guys is now very famous because of it.

Pearlman wasn't the only hot topic that Cronin touched on -- he also talked a bit about his former relationship with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. "I decided to talk to her and she kept talking to me and talking to me," he explained. She also gave him a ring and, according to Cronin, "She said, 'Listen, I wanna marry you. We're gonna be together forever.' " He later found out that Hewitt used that line on other guys.

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