11 Movie Scenes That Scared The Crap Out Of You As A Kid

We were all kids at the same time, right? Good.

Every once in a while, there's one movie scene so terrifying, so horrifying that it all but permanently scars you. Years later, you might be able to watch the scene and say, "Oh, that wasn't so bad" - but deep down, you're still the same kid quaking in their bed as they feel the meaning of true fear.

Here's the 11 movie scenes that scared the crap out of you... And still do:

1. "A Nightmare On Elm Street"

"I turned on the TV one day in the mid-afternoon, just as Johnny Depp's character was being pulled into his bed by Freddy Kreuger. I didn't even leave it on long enough to see the fountain of blood that followed, but I was so terrified I promptly stopped sleeping on back... Because if I slept on my front, I could see Freddy coming. I still can't sleep on my back, years later." - Alex Zalben

2. "Leprechaun"

"I remember this being totally different — namely that it took place at a table in my mind — but has had an impact that has lasted since I saw this movie with my brother on VHS when I was about 7. Sitting has really and truly never been the same — you don’t know what’s down there. And if you did, you don’t know whether it HAS CLAWS AND A CREEPY LEPRECHAUN FACE. (Look, I was 7. It seemed like a very big deal.)" - Kase Wickman

"I only ever watched one scene of 'Leprechaun' in which the title character is underneath the pick-up truck and reaches his hand out to scratch Jennifer Aniston's leg, and her blood slowly oozes out. To this day, I avoid any tv channel that plays that film." - Abby Devora

3. "Stephen King's It"

"So this whole movie is nightmare fuel, but this scene in particular made me legitimately afraid of storm drains because they may or may not be hiding killer clowns. Just saying." - Rachel Paoletta

4. "The Witches"

"Anjelica Huston revealing herself as the Grand High Witch was visually horrifying. Also, knowing that (as a child) she’d want to turn me into a mouse was not a comforting thought." - Shaunna Murphy

5. "Hellraiser"

"Any scene from the first four 'Hellraiser' movies. One I remember is this guy in first 'Hellraiser' getting all these hooks jabbed into his face and body." - Daniel Avery

6. "A Christmas Story"

"As a child, my family loved watching 'A Christmas Story' throughout the entire holiday season, and for me this was torture as I found the movie terrifying. There were so many moments I would have to watch with my hands over my eyes, like the tongue getting stuck to the frozen pole, the creepy leg lamp, even the bunny outfits scared me. The scene that was the worst for me was the awful mall Santa sticking his boot in Ralphie’s face and pushing him down the slide. It took all that should be good and wonderful about the holidays and made it terrifying and ugly. Damn you TBS reruns for never letting me get away from his movie." - Christina Beale

7. "The Fisher King"

"I probably saw 'The Fisher King' on TV at some point when I was really young. It might be my earliest memory. The image of the Red Knight always stuck with me as something completely terrifying that I didn’t understand in the least. It wasn’t until decades later that I actually found out which movie it was from." - Kevin Sullivan

8. "The Sixth Sense"

"'The Sixth Sense' came out when I was 12. My mom and I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster and watched it in the basement. I think she thought it was going to be a sort of grown-up way of bonding with her oldest daughter, but we were both seriously damaged by it. The scene where dead Mischa Barton reaches out *dramatically* from under the bed & grabs Hayley Joel Osman’s ankle made me scream like I’ve never screamed before. As soon as the movie finished, I marched my mother upstairs and made her help me break down my bed. I slept on a mattress on the floor until I moved out at 18. FULL DISCLOSURE: I just tried to watch this scene again on YouTube and couldn’t handle it." - India Nicholas

9. "Arachnophobia"

"This scene is why I had problems taking showers for several years. Don't worry, I've gotten over the fear now, but I still can't watch this scene." - Alex Zalben

10. "Mommy Dearest"

No. Wire. HANGERS.

11. "Event Horizon"

"The scene where the dude ejects himself out of the airlock. Also, pretty much any scene in that movie." - Brian Phares

Got a scene that scared the crap out of you as a kid? Let us know in the comments below.