Love Quiz: Which Girl From MTV Is Your Perfect Match?

To celebrate tonight's 'Are You the One?' finale, we've put together the ultimate TV test.

MTV might have the best boys on TV, but they just don't even compare to the girls. So if you had the chance to take one out, who'd be the gal for you?

In honor of tonight's blowout "Are You The One" finale, we've put together a decisive quiz to find your perfect match from the pantheon of MTV ladies. Are you soulmates with the bad-ass Lydia from "Teen Wolf," meant to hit the scene with the ever-fabulous Snooki, or destined to spend your days gobbling pizza with Daria?

There's only one way to find out -- but as any of the contestants on "AYTO" can tell you, you've gotta be honest if you wanna find your perfect match. So hit the quiz if you're ready to bare your soul and find the love of your (TV) life:

So who's the lucky lady that nabbed your heart? Tell us in the comments — and don’t miss all the crazy cupid action on the “Are You The One?” finale tonight at 10/9c!