A History Of The Fantastic Four's Replacement Members

Fan reaction has been mixed to the announcement that Spider-Man will be taking the place of the recently deceased Human Torch on the newly minted the Future Foundation. As long time comic fans, we're skeptical about all these changes and how long Johnny Storm will actually stay gone or how Spidey will fit in with this new venture, but while we wait to find out it seemed like a good time to run down some of the other replacement members the Fantastic Four has welcomed in years past.


Didn't Join Amazing Spider-Man #1

Sure, he'd go on to join Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Hulk to replace the Fantastic Four later on and is currently a member of the Future Foundation, but when Spidey first tried joining the FF in 1963's Amazing Spider-Man #1 in an attempt to make money. They fought until the FF explained that they don't make any money from superheroing and ol' Web Head took off in search of greener pastures.


Joined Fantastic Four #81

Back when Invisible Girl was pregnant the first time around, Inhuman and Human Torch girlfriend Crystal joined the team in her place. The first person to officially replace an FF member, Crystal certainly wouldn't be the last. Eventually Sue had the baby and returned for a bit.


Joined Fantastic Four #132

Another Inhuman, Medusa was originally introduced as a brainwashed villain, but soon returned to her people. Once again replacing Sue Richards—this time while she looked after her comatose son Franklin—Medusa wore her usual pink and purple gear instead of the classic blue FF duds like Crystal had.

Luke Cage

Joined Fantastic Four #168

Hero For Hire Luke Cage was brought in by Mr. Fantastic to fill the role of “nearly indestructible strong guy” after Thing lost his powers for a very brief period of time. Luke also stuck with his usual costume instead of taking on the blue and whites.

Human Torch/Nova/Frankie Raye

Joined Fantastic Four #239

Frankie Raye with her fire manipulating powers didn't actually replace anyone on the Fantastic Four, but joined the team on adventures while dating Johnny Storm. The group even thought about renaming themselves the Fantastic Five to accommodate Raye, but soon enough offered herself up to become Galactus' new Herald, earning her the name Nova.


Joined Fantastic Four #265

At the end of Secret Wars, the 80s event and toy tie-in, Thing decided to stay on Battleworld because he could turn human there and She-Hulk agreed to take his place. Back on Earth, she acted as the muscle for the team for a while before the ever loving blue eyed Thing finally returned.

Ms. Marvel/She-Thing

Joined Fantastic Four #306

Poor Sharon Ventura, not only did she get her powers from shady super-powered wrestling goons and borrowed someone else's superhero monicker (Ms. Marvel) but she eventually got mutated into a female version of the Thing. But before that, she and Crystal joined the team to replace Reed and Sue. It did not go so well for her.

Ghost Rider, Mr. Fixit, Spider-Man & Wolverine

Joined Fantastic Four #347

After a Skrull attack felled the actual team, that same Skrull approached Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Mr. Fixit (gray Hulk) and Wolverine to steal a device from Mole Man. After fighting giant monsters, the heroes team up with Mole Man and some other Skrulls to defeat their shared enemy. This group only lasted a few issues and didn't get to wear the classic blue costumes, but it's still a fan favorite thanks in part to the amazing Art Adams art.

Black Panther & Storm – taking Reed and Sue's place post Civil War

Joined Fantastic Four #543

After the events of Civil War, which literally tore the Fantastic Four apart—Reed was pro-registration, Johnny and Sue anti- and Ben moved to France—Reed and Sue took some time to mend their marriage. To fill their spots, they brought in then-recently married Storm and Black Panther. The pair made a great addition to the team, but went back to Wakanda when Reed and Sue got back from their vacation.

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