First Look: An 'Elite Group' Of 'All Stars' Is Competing On 'The Challenge'

The MTV competitors will go for the gold beginning May 11

The Challenge: All Stars is returning -- with an "elite group of competitors."

One of the world’s biggest competition reality shows returns for a third season on May 11 only on Paramount+. And this time, the unprecedented lineup of contestants is a distinguished roster of MTV players.

From the inaugural season Road Rules: All Stars (Cynthia Roberts) to a milestone season like Dirty XXX (Jordan Wiseley and Derrick Kosinski), these all stars who have made it to a final know what it takes to get to the end -- and most have tasted victory. Including previous All Stars top finishers Yes Duffy, Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett.

And speaking of coming out on top, two-time champ and All Stars newbie Wes has a prediction about his outcome during his rookie outing.

"I am gonna win," the Duel and Rivals 2 #1 finisher states. Ahhh, some things never change.

How does the Godfather (aka Mark Long) describe his fellow players? And who is ready to fight "tooth and nail" until their "last breath"? Watch the trailer for All Stars Season 3 above (this "All Star" remix!), check out the full cast list below and do not miss the premiere on May 11 streaming exclusively on P+.

Brad Fiorenza

Cynthia Roberts

Darrell Taylor

Derrick Kosinski

Jemmye Carroll

Jonna Mannion

Jordan Wiseley

Kailah Casillas

KellyAnne Judd

Kendal Sheppard

Laterrian Wallace

Mark Long

Melinda Collins

MJ Garrett

Nehemiah Clark

Nia Moore

Roni Martin

Sylvia Elsrode

Syrus Yarbrough

Tina Bridges

Tyler Duckworth

Veronica Portillo

Wes Bergmann

Yes Duffy

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