Golden Globes 2013 Predictions: TV Drama

'Homeland,' 'Breaking Bad' are poised to dominate television categories at this year's Golden Globes.

On Sunday (January 13), the Golden Globes will return for another year with veteran comedians [article id="1695618"]Tina Fey and Amy Poehler front and center as hosts[/article]. But for our purposes right now, we're looking beyond the laughter and focusing on the tragedies and disasters at the heart of this year's TV Drama categories.

Read on for our predictions for the Best Television Series - Drama, Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama, and Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama categories.

Best Television Series - Drama

To riff on the memorable "Game of Thrones" slogan: at the Golden Globes, you support counter-terrorism or you support crystal meth -- there is no middle ground. Despite other contenders in the mix, it's our suspicion that the TV Drama categories at this year's Globes will boil down to two shows: "Homeland" and "Breaking Bad."

Who Will Win: "Homeland." The Showtime thriller is on a hot streak both in terms of ratings and its awards-season presence, and it'll take an Abu Nazir-inspired evil-genius to thwart its inevitable sweep over 2013's Globes. Working against "Homeland," however, is its lackluster second season: with the exception of its first five episodes -- arguably the show's best to date -- season two of "Homeland" was a critical bomb, and a serious disappointment for fans who came to respect the series' ground-level depiction of the counter-intelligence world. Backlash against season two could spell doom for "Homeland" at the Globes.

Who Should Win: "Breaking Bad." Aside from its disappointing season two finale -- and even that wasn't so bad -- the AMC drug drama has only gotten better with each passing season. The first portion of its final season was no exception, bringing the ill-fated story of Walter White closer and closer to its nail-biting, pulse-pounding and inevitably ugly conclusion. Don't bank on a "Breaking Bad" win on Golden Globes night; but if there's one show that stands a chance at dethroning "Homeland," you're looking at it.

Best Actor - Drama

In a contentious field that includes the likes of "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm and "Boardwalk Empire" lead Steve Buscemi, it's once again a race that comes down to two: the star of "Homeland," and the star of "Breaking Bad."

Who Will Win: Damian Lewis for "Homeland." Fresh off of his Emmy win, Lewis sits comfortably in the front-runner position at this year's Globes. Despite the show's recent dip in quality, Lewis rose above shoddy writing in season two week in and week out. Even with the is-he-or-isn't-he-a-terrorist mystery resolved, Lewis continued to find new emotional territory to explore as PTSD poster boy Nicholas Brody, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats from episode to episode. If he wins, it's well-earned.

Who Should Win: Bryan Cranston for "Breaking Bad." Praise for Lewis aside, there is no getting around the fact that Cranston's Walter White is the most deliciously bad leading man on television right now. As difficult as it was to watch Walt's continued descent into brilliant and brutal madness over the course of season five, it was equally impossible to look away from all of his awful decisions. We'll happily take a Lewis win, but we're also not-so-quietly rooting for the presenters to say the name "Heisenberg" on Sunday night.

Best Actress - Drama

Connie Britton, Glenn Close, Michelle Dockery and Julianna Margulies -- talented actresses, all of them. But don't put money down on any of those names on Globes night. The Best Actress award belongs to...

Who Will And Should Win: Claire Danes for "Homeland." Even as the hunt for Abu Nazir and the twisted love affair between Carrie and Brody became more convoluted and frustrating with each passing episode, Danes was there to anchor it all as one of the most emotionally raw human beings currently on television. Few performances can overcome truly uneven writing, but Danes managed to pull it off. The award is as good as hers -- and rightfully so.

Can "Zero Dark Thirty" track down victory? Will "Les Miserables" hear the voters sing? Check in with MTV News on Sunday night for the 2013 Golden Globes winners, and don't miss all the fashion from the Golden Globes red carpet!

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