Simple Plan Traveled To Vietnam To Learn About Human Trafficking: Watch The Documentary & Their 'This Song Saved My Life' Video


Watch Simple Plan join the fight against human trafficking in Vietnam.

We deeply admire and respect bands who take on global issues (see: One Direction's Red Nose Day efforts), which means that we're simultaneously tearing up and applauding seminal pop-punk outfit Simple Plan, who visited Vietnam in May 2012 to help raise awareness about human trafficking. Teaming up with MTV Exit (a non-profit campaign to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking in Europe and Asia), USAID, AusAID, and Walk Free, Simple Plan released inspiring footage of their visit to Vietnam, where they did everything from playing arena-sized shows to visiting local at-risk youth.

Watch Simple Plan's "This Song Saved My Life" video, and watch MTV Exit's footage from the band's trip to Vietnam after the jump.

Traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam in May 2012, Simple Plan met with local children and women who've survived human trafficking to learn more about this important global issue. Not only did the band chat with local educators about what it means to be a child and woman at risk of human trafficking in Vietnam, but they also played stripped-down acoustic performances for their hosts.

Simple Plan didn't just cement their dedication by visiting Vietnam -- their video for "This Song Saved My Life" (from the album Get Your Heart On!) highlights the dangers and impact of human trafficking: set in a Western-looking city, the clip depicts an nameless man putting on a brand-new button-down dress shirt, only to find a note sewn into the collar. As he tries to figure out what the note says, the video cuts to scenes of Vietnamese children sewing more white dress shirts in a factory. While most of the children are forced to endure daily cruelties and belittlement, one brave kid leaps up from his station to escape, but he's soon apprehended and thrown in seclusion. So, what did that folded-up note in the shirt collar say? Simple: "Help Me." The song includes lyrics written by Simple Plan fans via Twitter, and it's a heart-wrenching look at the sacrifices members of the global community make every day just to stay alive.

Watch "This Song Saved My Life" below, and find out how you can help raise awareness by visiting MTV Exit, and find out more about global issues at MTV Act.

Watch Simple Plan's "This Song Saved My Life" video, and watch MTV Exit's footage from the band's trip to Vietnam.

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