You'll Never Guess Which Show Will Influence The 'Gilligan's Island' Movie

Okay, fine, it's 'Lost.'

With reporting By Josh Horowitz

One of the most popular running jokes during the run of "Lost" was that the big ending twist would be a rip on "Gilligan's Island." And Josh Gad, who is writing a new movie based on the classic comedy ("Gilligan," not "Lost"), knows that those are expectations audiences will have going into his reboot.

"You would be remiss not to at least touch upon that in the movie," Gad told MTV News on a possible "Lost" connection. "And I'll leave it at that."

While we're sure there won't be smoke monsters in the new flick (well, kind of sure), Gad acknowledging the influence "Lost" has had over the simple premise that fueled "Gilligan's Island" is just one weapon in his arsenal while updating the show.

"It's approaching the material in a way that, again, subverts expectations," Gad explained. "I think that if you were to deliver a traditional 'Gilligan's Island' that was an extended episode of the show, people would roll their eyes."

But how does someone take something so dated and make it new again?

"You have to look at the material from a modern perspective," Gad said, "and we've certainly done that, and certainly created a world that is going to surprise a lot of people in a great way. The tone of it is very unexpected."

The biggest surprise? They were dead the whole time! Kidding, "Lost" fanatics.

"Lost" jokes aside, Gad certainly has learned well from that show's creator, J.J. Abrams, and is keeping the secrets of his new movie shrouded in mystery.

"Gilligan's Island" is currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.