Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' New Song Is Giving Fans 'All The Tears'

Ed Sheeran's chorus on 'Growing Up (Sloane's Song)' probably helped, too.

After almost three years, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis broke their musical silence on Wednesday, August 5.

For the first time since 2012 (barring last year's Fences collaboration "Arrows"), the Seattle-based duo delivered a new track. A heartfelt message to Macklemore's newborn daughter, "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" finds the guys -- with the help of Ed Sheeran's chorus -- doing what they do best: merging lavish production with sincere raps for a track that's equal parts catchy and meaningful.

Not surprisingly, fans were both overcome with excitement -- the song release was a long time coming, and arrived unexpectedly -- and emotionally moved. Some of them, even to tears. And hey, who can blame 'em?

Commence Crying

Even If You're At Work

Beauty Tears

Seal Tears

Emoji Tears

Tears From A Soon-To-Be Mom

Life Completion Tears

Why Me Tears

Succinct Tears

There Are No Tears Left

Maybe It's Too Late, But Here's Your Warning

You can listen to the song below (at your own tear-inducing risk).

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