'Challenge''s CT On Life As A Father: 'All My Priorities Have Changed'

During the 'Invasion of the Champion''s premiere, viewers met the legendary competitor's son

CT's life is majorly different from the last time viewers saw the Challenge legend (his Battle of the Bloodlines cameos). And during the Invasion of the Champions premiere, the Rivals 2 victor (who is training at home and readying himself to join the game along with seven other winners) showed his brand-new (adorable) addition.

"All my priorities have changed -- now as it gets closer to leaving, all I want to do is spend time with this guy right here," the Real World: Paris vet stated. "I want you guys to meet my son Christopher." That's right, CT is a father!

MTV News recently caught up with CT, and when the Massachusetts native spoke about his offspring, he was absolutely radiant and gushed how much he "likes to be around him."

"He's a little maniac," CT reveals in the clip above. "He's so curious, he likes to touch everything. Right now, he thinks his name is 'No' because everything is 'no.'"

To hear more from the devoted dad -- including activities he likes to do with his kiddo and if he plans to show his mini-me old MTV installments -- watch the video. And do not miss CT, his fellow No. 1 finishers and the underdogs on Invasion of the Champions every Tuesday at 9/8c!

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