Direct Effect: Talib Kweli Talks Black Star, Reflection Eternal

Instead of teaming up with Mos Def, his longtime Black Star partner, Talib Kweli has switched up his game with DJ Hi-Tek for a new release, "Train Of Thought.

Kweli and Tek make up Reflection Eternal, and the duo's album arrives in stores next week. When asked about rumors of a Black Star breakup or strife between himself and Mos Def, Kweli explained to MTV News' Sway that it's not a case of being in one group or another, but enjoying the freedom that exists with being able to move from project to project.

[article id="1439974"]"Me and Mos were building a lot together,"[/article] Kweli began. [article id="1439974"]"He was on the first Reflection single. We were doing a lot of shows, and Black Star came out of the energy of us doing shows together.[/article]

[article id="1439974"]"The idea was to put [Black Star material] out,"[/article] he continued. [article id="1439974"]"Mos

was doing his solo thing; I was doing Reflection Eternal. We just put out a couple of songs under Black Star just to put our names out there, and then Black Star sort of eclipsed everything else we were doing, which is a good thing, 'cause we got to do a lot of things behind Black Star.[/article]

[article id="1439974"]"The reason why I can be in Black Star and not be frustrated and still feel free is because I can do Black Star, I can do Reflection Eternal, I can do my own stuff,"[/article] he concluded. [article id="1439974"]"Mos can do his own thing. It's never [a case where] you're locked into a [group] situation. That's why the music we make has a good energy to it, 'cause we can keep it free," [RealVideo][/article]

Reflection Eternal features guest appearances by Xzibit and Rah Digga on a track titled "Down For The Count," De La Soul on "Soul Rebels," and Les Nubians on "Love Language." The album arrives in stores on October 17. In

the meantime, you can watch Kweli and Tek spread their wings on the "Okayplayer" tour with the Roots, Dead Prez, Bahamadia, Slum Village, Jill Scott, and more (see [article id="1433799"]"Roots' 'Okayplayer' Tour Firms Up Acts, Dates"[/article]).