Howerdel Hopes To Revive A Perfect Circle Next Year

Meanwhile, he'll write new album, as singer Maynard James Keenan reunites with Tool, who drop Lateralus in mid-May.

Though geometrically impossible, A Perfect Circle will come to an end — at least for the time being.

The final date of the band's North American tour is Saturday in Minneapolis. After that, singer Maynard James Keenan will reunite with his original band, Tool, whose third album, Lateralus, drops May 15 (see [article id="1441290"]"Tool Album Release Pushed To Mid-May"[/article]).

With his bandmates pursuing other endeavors, APC co-founder/guitarist Billy Howerdel says he'll use the time off to work on bringing the band back in 2002.

"That pretty much leaves me to write the next record," Howerdel said. "The other bandmates will be involved, but they have other things going on. It gives me a lot of time to focus on A Perfect Circle. In the beginning, we knew Maynard was going to do another Tool record, so it'll be an interesting leap for our schedules, but we'll work it out."

During the break, APC guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen will resume work on Enemy, a new project conceptualized after his previous band, Failure, broke up (see [article id="1433129"]"A Perfect Circle Guitarist His Own Enemy"[/article]). Bassist Paz Lenchantin is promoting her solo effort, the four-track-produced Yellow mY skYcaptain, on her Web site,

No word was forthcoming by press time how drummer Josh Freese, who spent two years in the studio with Guns N' Roses before being replaced by former Primus percussionist Brain (see [article id="1429767"]"GN'R: Buckethead In, Freese Out"[/article]), will occupy his time away from A Perfect Circle.