Justin Bieber Does His Best De Niro Impression While Being Interviewed By A Puppet

It's awkward, but so so hilarious.

Most likely Justin Bieber has heard and seen it all during years of doing interviews -- from questions about his love life, being forced to play silly games, or getting pressed on those naked photos. But he probably never thought he'd be sitting down with ... a puppet.

While making an appearance on "The Diego Show," to have what he called the most "important interview of my career," Justin sat down with Diego from Awkward Puppets and had, well, an awkward -- but hilarious -- conversation.

The interview kicks off with Diego asking Justin questions about his life and his album. But each time, Diego interjects to talk about how much he just dislikes his wife.

"It's been taking a long time, probably three years now, I went through a lot of different transitions of figuring out what I wanted to release and how I wanted to release it," Justin said of Purpose before Diego interrupted, "Three years ago I was not married, it was much happier days."

Diego then requested a freestyle from Justin, only allowing him to say one line before asking about plans to have kids in the future -- "Hopefully, I just want to see little versions of myself, that could be really cool," Bieber replied -- and where the pop star sees himself in 10 years.

"Hopefully, I have a Grammy and I'm further along in my career," Justin said, "and settled down a little bit."

Oh, and who can forget Justin doing his best Robert De Niro impression.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


Thank you for this, Diego.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera