'Last Witch Hunter': Vin Diesel And His Giant Beard Star In The Epic New Trailer

The fight against evil requires follicular strength and purity of heart.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Vin Diesel is nothing if not a family man, as the just-released first full trailer for "The Last Witch Hunter" proves.

In the action-fantasy flick, Diesel plays Kaulder, an immortal man tasked with hunting down the evil witches who threaten to disrupt the balance of the world as we know it. Helping him are a priest (Elijah Wood) and a woman who is able to navigate the world of dreams (Rose Leslie). Together, can they overcome the darkness?

MTV News sat down with Diesel to talk about the first question that'll be on everyone's minds: what about that beard, though? He revealed his thoughts -- and his dad's opinion -- on his massive facial hair.

And in case you're wondering what Mr. Diesel is talking about? Here's the new trailer for the film:

"The Last Witch Hunter" hits theaters October 23.