Ariana Grande Had Dinner With Imogen Heap, And None Of Us Were Invited

Watch the 'Love Me Harder' singer test-drive the Mi.Mu glove.

Ariana Grande got to hang out with Imogen Heap. I repeat: She got to hang out -- like, actually hang out -- with Imogen Heap.

Imogen Heap, the mastermind behind "Hide & Seek," one of the most perfect musical recordings of all time. Imogen Heap, easily the greatest addition to the roster of artists included on the "O.C." soundtrack. Imogen Heap, the woman who is at least partially responsible for the monster success of Jason Derulo's debut, "Whatcha Say."

Seething. With. Jealousy.

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The "Love Me Harder" singer and her idol got together for a home-cooked meal (vegan, obvi), and she even got to play around with Imogen's Mi.Mu glove.

BRB, foaming at the mouth.

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Grande Instagrammed a video on Tuesday (October 21), showcasing the glove in action. Watch as she controls and manipulates a recording of her vocals with the power of her hand movements -- and maybe some unseen magical forces.

The pop star expressed her love for the veteran musician in the clip's caption, writing: "There are no words to describe how much I adore you, how much I've learned from listening to your music throughout the years and how much this experience meant to me!"

Actually, I could come up with a few words, like, monumental.

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