Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, And YG Travel Back In Time To A Drive-In Theater In 'Lies' Video

Teyana 'Spike Tee' Taylor directs the gorgeously shot visual

Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG have come together for the music video for "Lies" from Schoolboy Q's recently released album, Crash TalkTeyana "Spike Tee" Taylor is behind the lens, filming the memory museum of shenanigans at what's probably the last functioning drive-in theater in 2019. There's a lot of fun to be had, hearts to be won over, and bathroom stalls to shake when taking a date to the next level. It's just a good time for everyone involved, easily making you smile at home watching it.

Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG are minding their business, watching the grand screen at the theater and you'll never guess what's playing: Schoolboy Q's video for "Dangerous," his collaboration with Kid Cudi. While this thematically heavy video plays on the screen, the drive-in gets crowded. People of all colors, shapes, and sizes, come together for a night of fun and spontaneity. While the fun happens around them, the trio ogle women from afar while enjoying themselves. It's then that we see some doppelgangers that look a bit younger than they do, but we never see them all in the frame at the same time.

The party rages on through the night. Eventually, no one's even paying attention to the screen. Everyone's focusing on fostering new connections, getting butterflies from that cute person just out of reach, and figuring out what's the move afterward. The trio find partners for themselves and duck off separately to spit some game and get a little closer and cuddlier. The video ends with a surprise; when the performers lean in for kisses from their ladies, they come back up as their younger counterparts. We've been watching them relive the past. The video takes on a new meaning at this point, living in nostalgia as the trio reminiscence on beautiful and much simpler times.

Schoolboy Q released Crash Talk in April. In addition to "Lies," and "Dangerous," it also features "Floating," his collaboration with 21 Savage, "Chopstix," his collaboration with Travis Scott, and "Numb Numb Juice." Each of these tracks also has a ridiculously wild music video so you'll want to check those out as well.

In the meantime, watch Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG have a full-blown blast in "Lies" up above.