Pauly D Risks Detention And Vandalizes His High School Locker [Sneak Peek]

Pauly D has torn up the Jersey Shore and steamrolled over the Las Vegas club scene, but it seems there will always be a part of his heart that belongs to Rhode Island. In this sneak peek of the "Pauly D Project" season finale, the DJ falls back into his high school days, and he and his blowout start breaking the rules before they even have a chance to make it to study hall.

Pauly roams his old stomping grounds with his favorite former teacher, Mr. Russo, and during a short walk through the "CAWRIDAWS," Russo points out how well-behaved the self-proclaimed guido was as a teenager. It seems the teach', himself, is the real troublemaker, as he advises his old student to leave a note on his locker--#43. "We're gonna get detention," Pauly says as he inscribes a message directly onto the blue metal.

+ Check out what's up next from Pauly and his crew, including a surprise performance for Johnston High School's current class!

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