'Napoleon Dynamite' Gets A Flippin' Sweet Statue For Its 10th Anniversary

Hollywood trends may come and go, but Napoleon is forever.

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 whole years since the summer of 2004, when "Napoleon Dynamite," king of tetherball and tater tots, danced his way into our hearts.

But this is, indeed, Napoleon's big tenth anniversary, and like all reigning icons of popular culture, he will live forever not only in our collective memory, but also in the form of a glorious likeness on the lot of Twentieth Century Fox Studios. The cast of the film, along with director Jared Hess, were on hand yesterday for the unveiling of Napoleon the Statue: with a curly blond 'fro, a "Vote for Pedro" shirt, and a tetherball in his hands.

Jon Heder, Jared Hess

"Napoleon Dynamite" titular star Jon Heder was joined by co-stars Tina Majorino and Efren Ramirez for the big reveal, as well as by cast members Haylie Duff, Shondrella Avery, Carmen Brady, Diedrich Bader, and Sandy Martin. The only missing cast member was Aaron Ruell, a.k.a. Kip, who was most likely standing out of frame somewhere and yelling, "Your mom unveils statues!"

(Also absent: Tina the Llama, who probably had more important things to do.)

Haylie Duff, Shondrella Avery, Carmen Brady, Diedrich Bader, Jon Heder, Sandy Martin, Jared Hess, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez

Congratulations, Napoleon! To look upon your likeness is to know, now and forever, that this boogie is for real.

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