Shailene Woodley Has Sex, Looks For Eva Green In 'White Bird In A Blizzard' Trailer

Shailene is growing up, y'all.

Hazel Grace, is that you?

As we learn in the opening seconds of the trailer for "White Bird in a Blizzard," Shailene Woodley's last big character, "The Fault in Our Stars'" Hazel Grace Lancaster, has officially left the building this time around. "Bird" focuses on Woodley's character, Kat, as she searches for her mother (Eva Green) in the middle of her teenage sexual awakening and, well, things most definitely get interesting.

"I was 17 when my body changed seemingly overnight," Kat voiceovers in the new trailer. "Flesh and blood and raging hormones... but then, one night that summer, everything changed."

The rest of the clip shows Kat trying to find both her (formerly) Susie Homemaker mother and herself, while also unearthing long-kept secrets from her father (Christopher Meloni) and getting involved with a much older man (Thomas Jane). Whether or not she ever finds her mysterious mom is unknown, but consider us on board for this retro family thriller:

"White Bird in a Blizzard" hits theaters on October 24.