Michael Jackson's This Is It Concert Merchandise Sold Online

Site offers shirts, belt buckles and more items that were to be sold at London's O2 Arena.

As the world gathered to mourn and [article id="1615384"]pay tribute to Michael Jackson[/article] on Tuesday (July 7), fans were given one more chance to grab a piece of the singer's legacy.

Just a week before [artist id="1102"]Jackson[/artist] was slated to kick off his [article id="1615242"]50-date This Is It concert series[/article] at the O2 Arena in London, the merchandise that would have accompanied his attempted return to form went up for sale online.

For sale are dozens of items, including shirts, hats, belt buckles, tote bags and mugs that were reportedly selected and personally approved by Jackson. The T-shirts bear classic images of Jackson in his heyday: posing in his signature black suit, white glove and black fedora; balancing on his toes in front of the moon; looking serious as a pre-teen; and showing off his glittery fashions in later years. There are also official This Is It shirts, featuring Jackson dancing in front of a microphone. The hat styles include a trucker cap with a spray painted "Who's Bad" insignia and a Ed Hardy-style cap with roses flanked by the words "This Is It" and "King of Pop" on the brim. Among the eight belt buckles are images from throughout Jackson's solo career, from the Off the Wall cover shot to a Thriller montage, the Bad cover and a commemorative O2 edition.

And, for just $20, you can now own your very own black Michael Jackson King of Pop socks, which come with Jackson's initials next to his famous self-appointed royal title. The concert merch is sure to join other items marking Jackson's final bow, such as the hard-to-get [article id="1615373"]tickets for Tuesday's Staples Center memorial[/article], [article id="1615336"]bootleg items[/article] being hawked by street vendors and the keepsake tickets for the O2 run being offered by [article id="1615329"]concert promoter AEG Live[/article]. To date, AEG boss Randy Phillips said that nearly 50 percent of the one million fans who've responded to the company's ticket refund offer have opted to receive the Jackson-approved commemorative ticket instead of their money back.

MTV's live coverage of the Michael Jackson public memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles will begin on Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET/ 9 a.m. PT.

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