'Are You The One?' Amnesia: How Could Cam Forget His Hookup With Victoria?

Whoops! The country boy completely blanked on their visit to the Boom Boom Room

You’d have to be preeeeeetty plastered to hook up with someone and not remember a single thing.

Cam found himself dealing with the aftermath of a fierce blackout when Victoria confronted him the morning after during tonight’s Are You The One? episode. He practically pleaded the fifth when the California girl came at him with questions like, “Are you f*cking serious?!” We don’t blame you, Vic. HOW CAN YOU HIT UP THE BOOM BOOM ROOM AND NOT REMEMBER IT?


The worst part is that the two seemed to have a real connection, despite having opposite personalities, as learned during last week’s ep. While Victoria would always choose a resort over a rodeo, Cam is a true country boy at heart. In terms of body art, Vic lives by the mantra, “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley,” to which Cam replied, “Guess I’m a Volkswagen!”

Victoria was thrilled when Cam finally let his guard down and got a little aggressive, complimenting her beauty and brains in between smooches. Cue the Boom Boom Room, and all bets were off. But the next morning, the city girl was crushed when Cam blew her off.

“If somebody has to be blacked-out drunk to be attracted to me or to want to talk to me, it’s going to make me feel bad about myself,” she said.

Maybe Cam was embarrassed over his blacked-out behavior, maybe he regretted the hookup entirely, or maybe he was never even interested in Vic. On one hand, he sure seemed into her; on the other, he didn’t appear too put out when the Californian picked Prosper during the match-up ceremony. So could Cam just be faking a lapse of memory in order to be off the hook? Tell us what you think, then catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/9c!

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