Counting Crows Counted In Again

July 25 [12:00 EDT] -- Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz's doctors have given him the green light for resuming the band's tour with the Wallfowers, beginning with Saturday's concert at the Blockbuster Center in Camden, New Jersey.

It's been a rough week for Duritz, who caused the band to bow out of a number of shows with the Wallflowers thanks to swelling of his vocal chords.

It looked as if Duritz was going to be able to get back on stage on Wednesday, in Toronto, but ultimately he had to back out of that show and the one scheduled for the next night, in Buffalo.

But the shows went on, despite the absence of the Counting Crows. The Wallflowers and Bettie Serveert performed anyway. MTV News talked to Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan when he was in New York, about the decision to perform even without the Counting Crows the first night Duritz had to take leave, outside of Boston last weekend.

[article id="1442085"]"You know we were still going to

be in Boston anyway,"[/article] Dylan said. [article id="1442085"]"We wanted to work anyhow, people would still come and the venue wanted us to play, we thought we'd keep our -- knock on wood -- 100% track record." [1.1MB QuickTime][/article]

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