50 Cent Sees Similarities In Troy Ave And 'That's Cool'

The two just dropped a new track.

50 Cent pretty much set the standard for New York gangsta rap in the new millennium, and now that we're 12 years removed from his ground-breaking debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin' it should come as no surprise that he's inspired this generation of MCs.

Enter Troy Ave, who's bullying bars and brash delivery have led many to compare him to the G-Unit juggernaut. At first, Fif wasn't sure if he was into the Brooklyn, New York upstart, but after watching Ave develop as an artist, he's ready to embrace him.

"For me, I wasn't sure if I liked him. I heard too much of me in the material and then I started to hear him in the music," 50 told MTV News on Tuesday when we sat with him and actor Joseph Sikora to talk about the upcoming second season for their STARZ show "Power."

Fif has taken such a liking to Troy that he has decided to include Ave's music in an upcoming episode of "Power," but he didn't stop there. On Friday, May 22, Troy released "Bang Bang," the first collaboration between him and 50 -- a track which will be included on Ave's June 5 album Major Without a Deal.

On the track, which was produced by BSB's Yankee, Ave acknowledges the criticism that he sounds a little too much like his rap idol. "People say I sound like Fif, OK dummy/ I guess I sound like I'm just gettin' money," he raps.

50 still sees the similarities, but he's OK with it. In fact, he compared Troy's 2014 single "All About That Money" to his own his 2007 hit "I Get Money."

"But it's a new version, it's a new way. I think it pays homage to the things that I've done already," Fif explained. "Sometimes you gotta take a step back and look at it. Initially when I look, I go I don't like it, it's too much, it's a copy."

Now, he feels differently. "Then when you step back and you look at it you say, No, he grew up during the time period where that was the most-effective music out at that point," he said. "So it affected him creatively and that's cool."