'Doctor Strange' Cast A Serious Spell On The Box Office For Opening Weekend

The Sorcerer Supreme is winning big for Marvel

It looks like Jaden Smith isn't the only person who's into the teachings of the Ancient One.

The good news is that Doctor Strange is doing really well for its first weekend in theaters. The better news is this may be one of the best opening weekends a Marvel movie has seen pretty much, uh, ever.

Doctor Strange is in the midst of earning some serious cash over the course of its first few days in theaters, and it's projected to bring in upwards of $80 million to make it one of the highest-earning debuts of the year.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that this puts Doctor Strange above the first Captain America, Thor, and Ant Man flicks for their first weekends onscreen, and that it's the third strongest opening for Marvel for a first-installment film (i.e. not a sequel, etc.) after Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man.

It's a full $100 million behind Captain America: Civil War, which set the benchmark for the biggest movie opening in 2016, but considering the competition for movies inspired by comics in this year alone, Doctor Strange could very well be the most critically lauded of the lot: Our own Amy Nicholson praised it for its faithfulness to the original, saying that it "draws that pencil line from dream to screen" and separates itself from rest of the Marvel lot as a result. So while Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad failed to win over critics but won big a the box office, a champ like Doctor Strange is succeeding, so far, at scoring big with audiences and film buffs alike.

In short: The Sorcerer Supreme is thriving in theaters, and hey, maybe we should all pay attention to what Jaden Smith has to say a little more.