Dakota Fanning Knows You Still Think She's 12 And She's Made 'Peace' With It

She's an ADULT, okay?

Dakota Fanning is all grown up -- no, like, actually, she's legally an adult now.

The 21-year-old actress, known for her breakthrough role in the 2001 drama "I Am Sam," is opening up in NYLON's May issue about what it's like being known as a child star, even when you're an adult.

"I've made my peace with the fact that there will be some people who, for the rest of my life, will believe I’m, like, nine years old," Fanning said. "I have this joke that I’m literally going to be 35, married, and pregnant and people are still going to say, 'Oh my god, you grew up so fast! I can’t believe it!' And yeah, sometimes when you’re 21 years old and people are still saying that, you just want to rip your hair out. But I’m OK with it. I know who I am."



Since her big break at the age of seven, Fanning has gone on to do star in major movies, including, "The Twilight Saga," "The Runaways," "War of the Worlds" and "The Secret Life of Bees." She's also managed to avoid the Hollywood pitfalls of other young starlets -- and child stars in particular -- while transitioning to more adult roles. Unlike many of her peers, Fanning has reached adulthood without the sort of public meltdown that so often accompanies it.

"I’ve found that anybody who takes what they’re doing seriously or seems to be a caring person gets called an old soul," she said. "And it’s not a negative thing to say, but it’s also not 100 percent accurate."

"I might not be running around being insane, but I’m also a 21-year-old who likes to be silly," Fanning added. "Just because I don’t flaunt those parts of my life doesn’t mean I don’t do some of that privately, you know what I mean?"

Well, yes. After all, Fanning is currently attending New York University part time, and if she's anything like fellow child star Emma Watson, then red solo cups are in her future.