Nikki Sixx and Crüe Crew Arrested In Las Vegas

Motley Crüe's Nikki Sixx spent the night in the slammer late Wednesday after being charged with disturbing the peace for allegedly inciting a crowd at the band's concert at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. Three members of the Crüe's crew were also arrested.

Police had met with the band's management and repeatedly warned the group that rowdy behavior similar to the band's appearance at the Aladdin Hotel in 1997 would not be tolerated. The 1997 concert was interrupted when singer Vince Neil was attacked onstage by a crazed fan and was followed by what the "Las Vegas Sun" described at the time as minor destruction of hotel property.

The Associated Press reports that during the Wednesday night show, Sixx complained about the force's heavy-handedness, saying that the every time the group came to Las Vegas the police would tell them they couldn't be themselves. The AP also quoted a police report stating that reportedly Sixx also told the crowd, "If they don't like it,

we can start flipping over cop cars like we did a couple of years ago."

The police report is said to contend that the comments were inciting the crowd to riot and that audience members were starting to throw chairs when the officers moved in to stop the show.

The "Las Vegas Sun" reports that police went to arrest Sixx around midnight and "a scuffle" broke out between crew members and police, leading to the arrest of Sixx and the three other men. All four were transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Sixx was booked under his real name, Frank Carlton Ferrano, on a charge of provoking a breach of the peace. Crew members Chris Reynolds and Geoff Perren were both charged with obstructing a peace officer, while John Gabrielli was charged with battery on a police officer. All four were released early Thursday morning.

The concert, which also featured the Scorpions, was attended by roughly 8000 fans.

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