Molly Tarlov Gets Up Close And Personal With A Big Fan [Photo]

Molly Tarlov's biggest fan blows on her.

Ever wondered how to get really close to your favorite star? Or, to take it a step further, how to get a girl like Sadie Saxton, who's more likely to tweet photos of your cellulite than crack a smile in the school hallway, to actually hold you? The answer is simple: Be her biggest fan...literally.

Molly Tarlov, who chills us to the bone as the Queen Bee on "Awkward," recently shared a sexy photo with a fan (of the inanimate variety) because, as everyone knows, there's nothing hotter than a pretty lady getting crazy with a household appliance -- especially one that can give you that tousled, windswept look. "Fanning yourself is sexy, RIGHT?!" Molls captioned the pic, which was snapped by photographer Elisabeth Caren. "Sexy" may be a stretch, but we're absolutely Tarloving her wit!

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Photo: Elisabeth Caren/Molly Tarlov's Instagram

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