Childish Gambino's New Album Features Ariana Grande And 21 Savage — And Fans Are Loving It

'3.15.20' dropped over the weekend with a few other surprise features

Donald Glover's peculiar countdown on expired on March 22 and with the strike of zero came the release of 3.15.20, presumably named after the original date that the album mysteriously appeared on the website. Our presumptions were correct.

Instead of releasing it under his real name, it appears on streaming services under his rap moniker, Childish Gambino. Officially, it's the next chapter, and perhaps even the last, in the Gambino story.

Everything about 3.15.20 is mysterious. Aside from the tracks "Algorhythm" and "Time," each of the songs's titles are a set of numbers that corresponded to when they appear on the album. There are uncredited features from 21 Savage, Ariana Grande, and soul singer Kadhja Bonet. It's compromised mostly of singing, compared to rapping, but both parts have made up the Gambino identity in the past.

Since 3.15.20 is the first Childish Gambino album since 2016's "Awaken, My Love!", fans everywhere are continuing to soak it in, reacting with equal parts excitement and intrigue. First, there's the wide-eyed shock of the feel of the album and how Glover juggles everything to make a one-of-a-kind experience.

Then came the intrigue at the naming process.

Special mention to this person who was so excited that they couldn't spell everything right.

When fans discovered the hidden collabs, that's when the internet exploded. Grande appears on "Time" with Brent Jones & The Best Life Singers choir, and on it, Glover struggles with realizing how short that life really is.

On the other huge collab, "12.38," which features 21 Savage, Kadhja Bonet, and singer Ink, fans loved how in sync Gambino and Savage sounded.

It's safe to say Glover's 3.15.20 surprise release has been a success. Just let this jovial reaction tell it.