The First 'AHS: Hotel' Victim Reveals What It's Like To Be Killed By Gaga

... In a blood orgy, no less!

"American Horror Story" fans, can you imagine winning the role of the first person brutally murdered (cause there's always gotta be a first) on "Hotel?" Can you, really?

... No, you probably can't, because most of us just aren't #blessed like that.

So now try to imagine what actress Chasty Ballesteros is going through, given that she A, totally did win the role of the first person brutally murdered on "Hotel," and B, got to go out in a blaze of blood-orgy glory. Oh, and did I mention that the people who killed her were Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer?

"You know, I've done this kind of stuff before," Ballesteros told MTV News over the phone. "I was just more mesmerized to be able to work with actors of the caliber of Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga -- just being surrounded by them and seeing how comfortable they are... Really, it's almost just like hanging out with someone when you're actually doing this kind of stuff on set. Like, there's no emotion -- you don't really go there. It's kind of just like, 'put your arm here, put your arm there.' It's very strategic, so it was mentally -- I don't know if you actually prepare for these kinds of things. You kind of just show up and go with it."

Interestingly enough, Ballesteros didn't even know that she was filming the scene with Gaga and Bomer until after she was cast -- which came weeks after her audition, where she was told there would be "implied nudity" and a swing situation with another couple, but not much else.

"I didn't know exactly what was happening until after I had signed and booked," she continued. "Because they told me I booked it... and then my manager literally called me back 10 minutes later, like, 'Yeah, so it's Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer.' And I'm like, 'What?!" And she's like, 'Yeah, and it's a foursome and all that stuff.' And I was just like, 'Oh, oh, oh, okay.' And it was me and the guy who played my boyfriend, Nate [Peterson]... normally we get the whole script to read, but only got our scenes in a sealed envelope, and literally did not read it until we got fitted for our clothes."

After that, it was time to film the scene, which Ryan Murphy -- with whom Ballesteros had worked before -- said was going to be "really big." The shoot took three days, and Ballesteros said that Gaga helped the whole thing run super smoothly.

"Lady Gaga is just so confident," she said. "Just to be around her, she gives off that confidence, and she's so humble and really charismatic. Had it been anybody else having to do that elaborate thing with, I don't know how well it would have went. And Matt Bomer -- he's such a pro; he's just so down to earth. Thankfully they were there and they were super natural about it. And in between takes, we're set in that scene and we're all bloody and stuff, and we just sat there naked, just chatting in between takes. I was like, 'I feel like we're in a sweat lodge.' So yeah, it was really inspiring."

Of course, this prompted MTV News to ask what one talks about while they're sitting around naked in between takes and covered in blood... and the answer is either exactly what you'd expect or the opposite of what you'd expect, depending on how much time you've spent in Hollywood.

"It was so funny because we literally just talked about anything and everything," Ballesteros explained. "It was as if we weren't even naked. We were all just super comfortable, and we got along really well and we just chatted about cats and the business, things we had for lunch -- what we didn't eat, what we shouldn't eat for the day, who ate and who didn't eat. So we're all like, 'Who's going to eat? Who's not eating? What are we going to not do for lunch?'"

And as for all of the making out and writhing and couple-swapping that you saw on screen, well, that came straight from the beautifully deranged mind of Mr. Ryan P. Murphy.

"It was like he was orchestrating, he was literally a composer," Ballesteros said. "He actually walked us through it the entire time. We rehearsed it. It was like 'Down. Kiss. Okay, girls kiss. Okay, guys, up. Okay, hands up.' It was like he was... doing choreography. 'Left hand, here. Right hand, here.' It was amazing! And it actually worked very well. It was so chaotic, with so many moving parts. It would be hard to shoot any other way."

The hardest part was the blood, which achieved that spurting effect via a prosthetic that Ballesteros and Peterson wore around their necks.

"That was really challenging, because to have all the prosthetics on and do all the sex stuff and to be held back, acting-wise... you're hindered having this prosthetic on you because you don't want it to leak," she explained. "Right when I died, we shot it, slit the neck, and then we thought it was done and right before [Murphy] yelled 'Cut,' the guy who was holding the blood pump accidentally released something, and it just squirted everywhere. And naturally, that got in the shot, and they were still rolling. I think they had actually said that they were going to use that one."

From what MTV News saw, it definitely seems like they used that one -- which is why Ballesteros is going to have some explaining to do when she finally calls her poor parents to tell them about all this.

"I think I'm going to watch it by myself," she said with a laugh. "And then maybe, after that, I'll be like, 'Family, you can watch from minute this to minute that.'"

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