Watch Rebel Wilson's Operatic Advice For Amy Schumer's MTV Hosting Gig

Step one: find Anna Kendrick.

With reporting by MTV UK

ICYMI, "Pitch Perfect" star Rebel Wilson crushed it when she hosted the MTV Movie Awards back in April of 2013. This year, another hilarious blond lady will take the reigns, so when MTV UK caught up with Wilson when she was out promoting "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," we just had to find out if she had any advice for Amy Schumer. (She does.)

"I was lucky enough to do a musical number with the cast of 'Pitch Perfect,'" Wilson said. "What people don't realize is you only get one chance -- that is legit live, musical performance. So it's a little bit stressful, but if Amy can do it, I think she should do it. It's such a great way to open the show, with a kick-ass musical number and pyrotechnics and fireworks. I would utilize all of that kind of stuff."

That all sounds great, but a musical number might not be up Schumer's ally like it is Wilson's, and she doesn't have the Barden Bellas around to back her up. What Schumer does have, however, is her ballsy, fearless sense of humor and knack for both stand-up and sketch comedy. So, what does Wilson have to offer regarding jokes?

"Don't be shy," Wilson continued. "Just say whatever jokes that you want. Because that's what I did, and I think it worked out pretty good. To have all of the movie stars in the world there at your show and you're doing little jokes and stuff, it's the best feeling."

Now that's some advice we can get behind. Check out what else Wilson had to say in the video, then be sure to gather your friends for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on April 12!

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