'Mirror Mirror' Trailer: Five Key Elements

Sneak peek shows us a sassy Julia Roberts, a vibrant Lily Collins and a princely Armie Hammer.

Boy, oh, boy, has this been a great couple of weeks for trailer debuts! First, [article id="1674139"]Kristen Stewart kicked some butt[/article] in her "Snow White and the Huntsman" clip, then we finally saw [article id="1674289"]Katniss, Gale and Peeta[/article] preparing for battle in "The Hunger Games," and now we get our first look at Tarsem's take on Snow White, "Mirror Mirror."

Even better, now that we have seen both trailers for the two upcoming Snow White-themed flicks, it is much easier to tell them apart, as "Huntsman" is clearly more of an action/drama, while "Mirror" is action/comedy. Here's a look at five key elements that make "Mirror Mirror" worth some extra reflection:

A Comedic Twist on an Old Tale

A dramatic and dry story, this is not. From the moment the trailer begins, there is an air of whimsy and fantasy and a slew of snarky one-liners from Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, like when she contests the color of Snow White's hair -- "It's not black, it's raven" -- and quipping that she's white as snow because "she's 18. Her skin has never seen the sun, of course it's good." Another deviation from the familiar tale is that this Evil Queen is broke and therefore much more concerned with trying to marry a much younger, wealthier prince than obsessing too much over her beautiful adversary.

A New Side of Julia Roberts

She has always been our favorite "Pretty Woman," with an all-American appeal and almost royal status in Hollywood. However, it's been awhile since Roberts has done a film with such mainstream appeal. (No, "Eat Pray Love" doesn't count.) Not only that, she's playing the bad guy, er, lady, and from what we can see in the trailer, she tackled her character's sassy nuances with considerable aplomb. And did we mention that she looks absolutely stunning while doing it? Because she does.

The Visuals

Speaking of stunning, the film's production design, costumes, effects, etc., make it look like we'll be transported to the most gorgeous, fantastic fairy-tale land of all time. And the costumes! Lordy, are they magnificent. Where the look of Kristen Stewart's Snow White seems cool, fierce and serious, Lily Collins is sweet, feminine and vibrant. There's even a little nod to the famous Disney princess' blue and yellow dress in there. Roberts' wardrobe is just breathtaking -- literally; there's a scene in which she has a team of people trying to squeeze her into a corset.

A Perfect Prince Charming

True to his word awhile back that the MPAA might have to change the film's rating due to its dreamy factor, Armie Hammer's Prince Andrew Alcott is one charming, handsome man. Except for the scene in which the Evil Queen puts a puppy-love spell on him and he momentarily turns into an overexcited, slobbering mess. That is forgotten soon enough when we get a few glimpses of Hammer sans shirt. Also, Hammer just has a royal air and stature to him (pun intended -- he's a tall man), which makes possibly cheesy lines like "I think Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the whole world" believable, not exaggerated.


The man is a wonderfully vivid and creative storyteller. As demonstrated in his previous films like "The Cell," "The Fall" and his most recent box-office hit "Immortals," Tarsem's enthusiastic direction produces movies that are big, bright and bold. You are guaranteed to be entertained by his work in some way, shape or form. Plus, he admitted he cast Lily Collins because he loved her eyebrows.

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