For Draco Malfoy's Birthday, J.K. Rowling Gift-Wrapped A Huge Diss

Happy birthday. Ya burnt!

Every author loves his or her characters like they're their own kids -- at least, to a degree. But when it comes to the more rotten boys and girls of the lot, even the most caring creators can have a good go at them when the occasion calls.

And since today (June 5) is Draco Malfoy's birthday -- he's now 35, if you can believe THAT -- "Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling decided to let one rip at his expense on Twitter.

"Draco turns 35 today," she wrote in response to an inquiring "Potter" fan, adding "I'm not invited to the party, mainly because I keep telling girls they're misguided to fancy him."

If we could see Draco's face when he read this, we bet it would *totally* look like he just got walloped by the Stupefy Spell -- and/or Hermione's fist (again).


Draco Sad Mirror GIF

Also, we're totally left wondering who are all these ladies, Jo is referring to here? Were there more Draco fan club initiates than Millicent Bulstrode, Pansy Parkinson and his mum? Need the info!

Really, we just hope 35-year-old Draco's learned the error of his mischievous ways by now and decided not to continue the Malfoy family tradition of being a nasty little bugger.

In either case, Happy Birthday Draco!