EXCLUSIVE: Quentin Tarantino Was Offered 'Green Lantern'

But Tarantino's presence at the intersection of comics and movies extends beyond his latest epic. During our interview, the filmmaker also divulged that he was once offered the chance to direct a big screen adaptation of an iconic DC Comics superhero.

"I was offered the 'Green Lantern,' " Tarantino told MTV News. "Not since it's been a script, but just like, 'Hey we own the 'Green Lantern.' Would you like it?'"

Tarantino declined the opportunity and "Lantern" joined the list of other franchises, like "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," that he was offered but never ended up taking on. "Green Lantern," of course, is now being helmed by Martin Campbell ("Casino Royale") and will star Ryan Reynolds.

Calling himself "a big comic book fan," Tarantino said there was a time in his 20s, while working at a video store, when all he wanted to see were comic book movies.

"So there's a little part of me that's like, 'Wow, if I was in my 20s, this would be the genre I'd want to specialize in," he said. "But they weren't making them then, or at least not the right ones. But there also is an aspect where I've kind of outgrown that a little bit."

Now that he's in his 40s and has been making features since 1992's "Reservoir Dogs," the director says he's no longer open to adapting any previously established franchise. What does get his creative juices flowing is the idea of exploring completely new superheroes and storylines.

"It wouldn't be an existing comic book character," he said. "I'm a writer. I'd want to use my imagination and not have to fight with geeks' memories of how this character should be and, 'Oh, I cast an actor as opposed to a bodybuilder' or it's not as good as the way [DC Comics artist] Neal Adams drew him.' If I were to do something like that, I would want the fun of coming up with the superhero myself."

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