Bono Says U2 Working On 'A Guitar Record'

Singer says follow-up to All That You Can't Leave Behind may be out by year's end.

Anyone with a copy of War or The Joshua Tree in their collection might disagree, but Bono is calling U2's next album their first guitar-driven outing.

"We're banging the dustbin lids back home in Dublin. We've got a rehearsal studio/recording studio type of deal," the Irish singer said at the Golden Globes on Sunday, where he was a presenter. He and The Edge also accepted Best Original Song for "The Hands That Built America," U2's contribution to "Gangs of New York (see [article id="1459593"]" 'Chicago' Knocks 'Em Dead, Wins Three Golden Globes"[/article]).

"Edge, I must say, is really doing some extraordinary stuff," Bono added. "It's a guitar record. Which is, I think, our first."

U2's last studio album, 2000's redefining All That You Can't Leave Behind, saw the band abandoning many of the eccentricities of their '90s output in favor of more bombastic songs. "Beautiful Day" and "Elevation" became nearly inescapable at radio.

"I love singles in rock and roll, the great 45s," Bono said. "That's what I loved about Nirvana, that's what I loved about the Sex Pistols, and going back to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones -- when you make that one record that changes everything."

"It's at the beginning. We're working on the songs right now," The Edge explained. "It's far too early to say if anything's a single. But there's some nice stuff coming through."

Bono added that U2's next album should surface by the end of the year or early 2004.

-- Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by [article id="1456309"]Nick Zano[/article]

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