Anna Kendrick Explains Why Meryl Streep Is Cooler Than Clooney

There can only be one.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We at MTV News are excited for "Into the Woods" for many reasons, but watching Meryl Streep sing her heart out as the Witch is pretty damn high on that list. Unsurprisingly, the same went for Streep's costar Anna Kendrick -- who told MTV News all about working with Streep when she sat down with us to chat about the film.

"Meryl is [George] Clooney," Kendrick said, referring of course to her "Up In the Air" costar. "Meryl is cooler than Clooney. She is cool as a cucumber -- so smart, so down to earth."

Before Kendrick sullied the good name of the salt-and-pepper-haired heartthrob any further, she clarified that both actors have a certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes them great to work with.

"[Meryl] shares that quality with George, that is, 'I know you're freaked out, I'm going to do everything short of rolling around to make you laugh to make you feel comfortable,'" Kendrick added. "That's why they're who they are, and that's why people look up to them no matter what station or generation they're from... By the end, you have the audacity to go 'Okay, bye Meryl, see you tomorrow,' instead of quivering in fear... You should be quivering in fear. It's all because they're cool as hell."

"Into the Woods" hits theaters Christmas Day.

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