Ty Dolla $ign's New Collab With J. Cole Asks A Partner For Extreme Forgiveness

The pair have messed up bad with their partners. Big time.

Ty Dolla $ign has enlisted the delicate rap talents of J. Cole for his new single, "Purple Emoji." This soulful, sample-driven number is the first single from $ign's forthcoming untitled studio album. It's for everyone looking to get a significant other back after doing something wrong and isn't quite an apology, but it drives home the fact that you need another chance. And the collaboration works thanks to its simultaneously smooth and groovy atmosphere.

"Purple Emoji"'s sampled voices in the background clash with the drums nicely and it's a surefire head knocker. It's outside of $ign's typical sound and it works because of that, giving a taste of unpredictability that keeps you interested throughout. J. Cole gives a quick and meaningful verse as the two practically beg for forgiveness. $ign said some things he didn't mean during an argument (as we all do), and J. Cole recognizes everything that his significant other has done for him. There's no resolution in the song but we can imagine that this somber, saccharine ode makes even the angriest of partners feel a bit better.

Ty Dolla $ign's last studio album was MihTy, his collaboration with Jeremih. His last solo effort was 2017's Beach House 3Last month, $ign appeared on "When I Lie (Remix)" from For The Throne: Music Inspired By the HBO Series Game of Thrones.

Listen to the win-you-back song of the summer "Purple Emoji" up above.