Ben Stiller Recalls A Run-In With 'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation

'All of a sudden there were like 15 paparazzi on top of us,' Stiller says of his encounter with the 'Jersey Shore' star in NYC.

When you think of two celebrities who have tons in common, you probably consider Hollywood funnyman Ben Stiller and "Jersey Shore" lothario Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to be like two peas from the same pod ... right? However, when Stiller recently ran into The Sitch while on the set of his new NYC-based flick "Tower Heist," the comic actor realized that he and the reality star are not cut from the same cloth at all.

"That got out, huh?" Stiller wondered while talking to MTV News at the New York premiere of the new animated movie "Megamind," regarding his run-in with Sorrentino, who happened to be in town promoting his book, "Here's The Situation."

"We were shooting in front of the Trump Tower and he got out of a car," Stiller recalled. "I guess he was staying there and then all of a sudden there were like 15 paparazzi on top of us. And I was like, 'Oh my god.' " But, The Sitch being the A-list paparazzi magnet that he is remained cool and calm about the whole thing. "And he was like, 'This is my life. I'm always being filmed,' " Stiller continued. "We said hi. I was literally in the middle of doing a shot."

The Brett Ratner-directed "Tower Heist" is an action comedy revolving around a group of guys who fall victim to a Ponzi scheme. To get back at the man who swindled them, they conspire to rob a high-rise residence in the Big Apple. The flick also stars Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Gabourey Sidibe and Casey Affleck.

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