'True Life' Update: Is Alexis Still With Her Cousin (And Baby Daddy) Andrew?

Plus, find out if her relationship has improved with her immediate family.

MTV’s “True Life: I Had My Cousin's Baby” followed two women who were having children with their cousins. We had an opportunity to check in with Alexis to see how her life has changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:

How have you been since the show stopped taping?

Since taping, I've been better. I don't have to worry about having somewhere to stay because I have my own apartment now. Tony is living in the apartment with me and the kids. We split the bills, but he recently had to quit his job because it was too far away. He's currently looking for another job.

Are you and Andrew still together? If not, have you moved on from him, or is there a chance you may get back together again?

Andrew and I aren't together anymore. We broke up pretty much right after Genesis was born. It just wasn't going anywhere, and I was getting more and more irritated each time I talked to him. He’s still my cousin though!

Has Andrew gotten out of jail? What is his status?

Andrew is still in jail and was sentenced to six years in prison on December 17, 2015.

How is your daughter doing?

Genesis is doing good. She's healthy and super cute. Everyone says she looks like me, but I think she looks like Andrew.

Has your relationship with your family gotten any better, or are they still upset about you and Andrew?

My relationship with "MY" side of the family has gotten much better because they're happy that Andrew and I broke up and that there's basically no chance we'll get back together. Andrew's side of the family and I are on okay terms but we haven't really been speaking as much because they're so upset about Andrew's sentence.

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