ZDDZ Designed Fake Thongs For Fashion Week And We Have The Deets

Dasha Selyanova is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but took her ZDDZ label to London, where the fashion industry is teeming with experimental, off-the-wall young talent. Former intern to Mel Ottenberg, Dasha has had her designs worn by Rita Ora but until this week had never shown at fashion week. Enter: the style soothsayers at VFiles and their seasonal VFiles Made Fashion show.

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The team plucked ZDDZ from the internet ether, giving her graphic sporty separates a platform in Webster Hall. We caught up with the designer before the show to talk about drawing inspiration from random signage—street signs, packaging, whatever's in front of her—and appropriating and recontextualizing it with her unique sense of humor. The girl attached fake thong straps to leggings and plastered the words "OPEN AS USUAL" across the crotch of a dress, so you know she's fun.

Peep it all go down in the latest installment of MTVFILES above!

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