Ryan Reynolds Is The King Of Craps In 'Mississippi Grind' Trailer

Some guys have all the luck.

Ryan Reynolds has always been a fast-talking smarty pants by trade, which makes him pretty much the perfect dude for "Deadpool."

But now he's ready to show us a slightly slicker side to himself in Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's "Mississippi Grind."

In the Sundance-debuted flick, he puts on his best poker face and hits the casino to help a random down-on-his-luck gambler (Ben Mendelsohn) earn his way back into the world's good graces -- that is, dig himself out of debt, one jackpot at a time.

But while playing dumb about the value of Aces to a midnight poker tourney is a good strategy for bluffing to win, judging by the bloody nose he sports there at the 1:45 mark it won't be enough. And his little trick of winning by not really caring about winning won't come into much use once he's really gotten roped into the other guy's mess, which is inevitable in this buddy team trope.

"A hero is a guy that pulls off what the rest of us are scared to do," the trailer tells us. "Hero" might be a strong word for what's happening here, but consider us intrigued by Reynolds' new game.

"Mississippi Grind" hits theaters on Sept. 25.