Capone Celebrates Freedom, Reunites With Noreaga

Noreaga has enjoyed a flourishing solo career while his old partner, Capone, has been in prison, serving 27 months of a one to three year sentence on weapons possession -- but the two rappers were reunited last week when Capone was finally released from the Wyoming Correctional Facility in Attica, New York.

MTV News was there to see Noreaga greet his friend upon his release from prison, and talked with Capone about how it felt to be a free man once again.

[article id="1441149"]"I feel real good,"[/article] said an obviously elated Capone, [article id="1441149"]"I've been in there a little bit too long. People are waiting [for me out here], you know. I don't like to keep my people waiting, but I feel real good to be free, you know. My man came to scoop me, straight up. It's like heaven." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

Capone-N-Noreaga hope to have a new album, "The Reunion," in stores by this fall. For more on the reunion of Capone and Noreaga, be sure

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