Cardo Explains How Big Sean Almost Had Jeezy And Jay Z's 'Seen It All' Beat

God's plan.

God works in mysterious ways; that's the belief that Cardo has subscribed to after producing Jeezy and Jay Z's new single "Seen it All."

The track, which was released Tuesday, features the Snowman and Hov recalling their drug-filled past over a beat marked by swirling flutes, a lush string section and pounding 808s. It's a new sound for the Fort Worth, Texas native, who made his name producing for Wiz Khalifa.

"I was definitely at the crib. This was in November of 2012 when I made the joint," he recalled during a phone conversation with MTV News on Wednesday (July 2). "I was just in a whole 'nother mood when I made the joint. The sample is from a Japanese artist named Tazz and the song's called 'Twilight.' It just made me picture the Japan night life and the culture, with the neon lights and the people. I wanted to make something very melodic, and atmospheric."

Originally, Cardo meant to send the beat to Big Sean and Travis Scott, but after an e-mail mix-up, the track ended up with Jeezy. "I never had Jeezy or Jay Z in mind for it; Big Sean was a person I pictured on it, and Travis Scott," he said. "I sent to Jeezy by accident. I had two beats named under the same [name] in my folder for some reason and it got duplicated. I don't know what happened; sometimes I'll name the beat the same thing for some damn reason."

After receiving the beat in March 2013, Jeezy immediately hit up the budding hitmaker. "Jeezy sent me a crazy text message like, 'This joint right here, oh my God. Oh, this is crazy,'" Cardo remembered.

Still, the beatsmith, who also laid the track for Meek Mill's "Levels," had no idea that Jay would end up on the track. Jeezy began playing the record for some of Cardo's buddies and they started to drop hints on him, without ever fully revealing the song's famous guest star.

"Ty Dolla $ign told me, 'Yo you got a hit record on your hands and you don't even know it,'" Cardo said. "The record overall was great. It turned out to be bigger than I thought it was going to be."

"Sometimes, God, that's how he works," he concluded.

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