These Censored Rap Video Tees Are Awesome

We love Censored Rap Video t-shirts.

Photo: Whatever 21/Insound

One look at these shirts and you know what that headline's talking about. Sometimes, either to avoid legal trademark infringement issues or to deny brands free publicity, a logo that sneaks its way into a music video will get blurred or pixelated. Sure, it's present in other genres, even films, but it's most prevalent in the streetwear-heavy music videos of our favorite rappers and has been for ages. The intentional obscuring comes in many shapes and sizes, from a mosaic effect on Pharrell's entire shoe in Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" (minute mark 0:50) to the tee of a renegade extra in Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" (at 1:57). Welp, now you can feel like you're in a rap video (or at least dress like it) thanks to these "Censored Rap Video" tees. No twerking required!

It'll be a minute before anyone replicates Skateboard P's digitally concealed "Drop It Like It's Hot" kicks (though, Jeremy Scott may come close), but until then, we'll be repping these pixelated logo shirts and exploiting them for all their inherent magical photobomb opportunities until they're threadbare. The adidas-inspired one comes courtesy of Whatever 21 and retails for $35.00. The Big Cartel shop also has a giant Nike version, but we like the smaller chest and vibrant color combo of this blue one from Insound. Also, it's only $19.99, so that helps. If you prefer Reebok or FILA, we haven't seen any yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled. Or you could make them. In which case, send us pics!

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