32 Veronica Roth Tweets That Totally Get You

She's definitely a Candor faction member.

If you aren't already an initiate of the We Heart Veronica Roth Club, make room in your wallet, because you are sooo getting your card TODAY.

Because apart from being the oh-so-young author of the millionbajillion copy-selling "Divergent" series, she's also a must-follow Tweeter who just really gets this big blue spinning ball we're all clinging to right now. Or at least that version of it she experiences while lounging around in her jammies taking pictures of her precious puppy dog (and, you know, writing that new two-part book series she's been working on.)

Almost every time we see something new drop into our feeds from @VeronicaRoth we start getting the jitters because we know before we even read it that it's going to be some sharp 140-characters-or-less real talk.

And though it was a near impossible feat, we managed to pluck our most prime examples of why the 26-year-old Windy City native has such a direct line to our spirit stuff.

First of all, she is basically a torpedo of terrific style bombs.

Plus, she knows exactly how to multi-task when it’s important.

And, obviously, she understands our Potter4Life way of existence.

Because she’s also so sick of the relentless street pervery. What is up with that.

V also gets (and shares) our unhealthy obsession with offices supplies and other nerdy processes.

And her motivational skills are on-bloody-point.

She’s only got, like, the best taste buds EVER.

See, there's room for philosophy in food, and she totally knows it.

She’s hyper aware of her tendency to lounge around like a house cat on any day ending in Y. As one does.

Her obsession with wordplay is our spirit animal.

These random bits of odd perspective are simply delightful.

She’s so much like a mind echo sometimes it’s basically ridiculous.

She takes notice of the good things in the world.

Plus, she just offers up so much eloquent life truth.

Most importantly, she knows exactly when the occasion calls to freak the f--k right on out. And she answers.

Don't ever change, Veronica.