Niall Horan's New Music Video Is The Toddler Fashion Show That We Need

The 'No Judgment' clip follows insta-star Baby Boss Brody

The smile that stretches across your face after watching Niall Horan's new alternate video for "No Judgement" will stay with you through the rest of the day, at least. Starring four-year-old internet sensation Brody Schaffer, more popularly known as "Boss Baby Brody," it's a fashion show for a family that shows off some fun modeling poses for people of all ages.

This adorably wholesome video follows Boss Baby Brody being the miniature boss that he is. He tries on clothes with his sister while frolicking in an open yard. Their fun continues in their parents's closet when they adorn dresses and play pattycake. Once their parents, and then their two brothers, go see what all the ruckus is about, everyone puts on some magnificent garb and heads out to the yard to strut their stuff like they're on a runway together.

"No Judgement" appears on Horan's new album, Heartbreak Weatherthat dropped earlier this month. He shared the original video for the song in February. The LP also features "Nice to Meet Ya" and "Put a Little Love on Me."

During Horan's recent takeover of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the singer performed cuts from his new album with host Corden during a new "Carpool Karaoke" segment. He also took a lie detector test where he revealed that he really believes that One Direction could get back together.

Take a look at Horan's adorable new "No Judgement" clip up above.