'Bubba Nosferatu' Could Become 'Bubba Roswell,' Paul Giamatti Reveals

Elvis versus aliens. If that doesn't sound awesome to you, then you and I are not living on the same planet.

Though "Bubba Ho-Tep" director Don Coscarelli and actor Paul Giamatti have long been planning on putting rock icon Elvis Presley up against a pack of blood-thirsty vampires in "Bubba Nosferatu," it now appears that their scheme has gotten bigger -- franchise-sized big, in fact, including a detour to New Mexico.

"Oh, we have all kinds of plans for a 'Bubba' franchise," Giamatti told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, appearing alongside Coscarelli to support their new movie "John Dies at the End." "We've been thinking 'Bubba Roswell,' is what we've been thinking."

As implied by the title, "Bubba Roswell" would be "Elvis versus aliens," according to Coscarelli. I repeat: who could possibly say no to that? Well... perhaps a few someones. Despite a rabid fan following and the support of an actor of Giamatti's caliber, the "Bubba" movies have been sidelined, partly due to the departure of leading man Bruce Campbell, and partly due to the passing of too much time.

"A key ingredient declined to participate in the film: it was Bruce Campbell, who — as far as I was told — decided he wanted to work on other projects and didn't want to do it," Coscarelli said of losing his Elvis. "That was pretty much the end of it. Then we talked to another terrific actor in Ron Perlman, who was interested, but at that time, a couple of years had gone by, and it was very difficult to get the funding together."

People of Hollywood, if none of you are interested in funding an "Elvis versus aliens" movie, we have a problem. Just putting that out there.

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