The Only Bad Thing About The New S'mores Oreos Is That They're Not Called S'moreos

Spoiler: they may be better than regular Oreos.

S'mores Oreos are real, and they taste like summer in your mouth. Or at least, the part of summer that takes place outside, in the woods around a campfire, taking graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows... And melding them together into a hot gooey delicious mess.


The advantage? The Oreos, which won't hit stores until May 22, won't get all over your hands, forcing you to make the horrible choice to lick hot marshmallow and chocolate off your fingers and burn your mouth; or leave them on your fingers, and make you stick to literally everything for the next 8-12 hours.

The disadvantage, they're not hot, but you know, whatever.

The Oreos have been rumored for a while, and as it turns out, the rumors are true, as we found out at MTV News when we were lucky enough to try a package of the delectable cookies late last week. And the general reaction around the MTV offices? More excited than skinny dipping in the lake at midnight.


The basics: the cookie, instead of the traditional Oreo chocolate, is graham crackers; and instead of the usual creme filling, these have chocolate-marshmallow creme. And they're delightful.

Though nothing will replace the traditional Oreo cookie -- many have tried, and failed -- the shocked reactions from MTV staffers were that it's entirely possible the S'mores Oreo might be better than the original.

We'll let that sink in.

And they are really, really good. Not too sweet, nice, crunchy graham cracker taste, and the marshmallow creme blends pleasantly with the chocolate flavor.


Really, the only downside is that they're not called S'moreos, which is a huge, missed opportunity.

Oh, and if you can't wait for May 22 to pick up a pack? If you use Zipcar, there's a possibility a pack of S'mores Oreos might be waiting for you in the passenger seat, so you can take them camping. Just the two of you. All alone.

Just don't spray the cookies for bugs, or if you eat them you will DIE.