Beck Honors His Grandfather's Fluxus Work

On Tuesday night in New York City, a host of musicians and artists joined Beck as he paid tribute to the groundbreaking artwork of his late grandfather, Al Hansen.

While artwork from both Beck and his grandfather was on display at the Thread Waxing Space, performances at the Roxy featured Marianne Faithful, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, and Beck's brother Channing.

Al Hansen was a mainstay of Fluxus, an artistic movement of the '60s based in found art and collage that was marked by wit and spontaneity, a sensibility that also turns up in Beck's work.

[article id="1439308"]"He really made beautiful things,"[/article] Beck commented to MTV News about his grandfather, [article id="1439308"]"out of things which were basically garbage. Well I wouldn't say garbage, but things you wouldn't ordinarily think of as artistically valid, and he would infuse them with something beyond their limited possibility. He validated any sort of leaning towards experimenting

with your environment, experimenting with sound, experimenting with an idea." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

Beck will release his next album, "Mutations," in November.

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