'Dark Tower' Heading To HBO, Says Brian Grazer

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's attempt to adapt Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series over multiple films and television seasons has hit something of a snag: sporting a high price tag and an unprecedented rollout plan, "Dark Tower" proved too ambitious for Universal to handle. But if Grazer is to be believed, "The Dark Tower" isn't too big for HBO.

Speaking with MTV News at the "Tower Heist" press junket this past weekend, Grazer revealed that "The Dark Tower" is still very much on track, so much so that that HBO has come on board.

"We're going to do ['The Dark Tower'] with HBO," Grazer told us. "We'll do the TV with HBO, and we'll do the movie with… to be determined. We'll do it right."

Grazer, who believes that the previously attached Javier Bardem will still be on board as Roland Deschain, added that "Dark Tower" is going to be able to move ahead largely because he and Howard have managed to reduce the film's substantial budget.

"We're going to do that movie. We've lost $45 million out of the budget," he said. "When people say no to you enough, then you have to lose money, which we've done without harming the scope of the film."

Grazer's comments that "The Dark Tower" is heading to HBO is a huge development, to say the least. Stay tuned to MTV News as we learn more about the Gunslinger's continued journey towards the big and small screens.

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