YES! Demi Lovato Just Announced Her New Single 'Cool For The Summer’

But girl is bringing the heat.

Demi Lovato may be "Cool For The Summer" with her new single, but judging by its brand new artwork, she's clearly bringing the heat.

The singer just revealed details on the single, which drops July 1, and it's easy to see that our girl is looking ah-ma-zing on the cover.

Looking all sorts of gorgeous in a turquoise cut-out one-piece, Demi reclines on a lounge chair, rocking a feather boa with sky-high heels in the sand.

Before dropping the single news, Demi teased her Lovatics that "super exciting crazy news" was on the way.

Clearly, fans (including myself) immediately started freaking out.

We don't know much about the new single, but let's hope she was referring to "Cool For The Summer" when she tweeted this:

Demi is hoping that her new music, which follows her 2013 album Demi, will be material that sets her apart from other artists.

“This album, I really want to be authentic to who I am as an artist and find my way in the industry — set myself apart from other artists and just really finally showcase what I can do,” she told Latina. “I’m working with people that I have dreamt of working with my entire career, so the fact that I’m able to do that, it’s really big. I’m experimenting with different sounds in the studio, so it’s exciting!”

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